Pam Bilderback is an exceptional pet care-taker, not just a ‘sitter.’ I say this because of the amazing love she always gives my four cats: Mr. Big loves her vast toy selection, Prince Harry shyly lets her pet him now on a regular basis, Boo and Pam have their girl-time, and Leoppie can’t wait to get kitty-back rides, so she has bonded with their individual personalities wonderfully. So much so, that sometimes I feel they love her more than me! I never worry about emergencies because she has it all under control, and has excellent suggestions pertaining to hygiene, behavior modification and diet. She is easy to get hold of during pet care, and she does a great job sending texts and photos to help when I’m missing them from far away! I highly recommend her for any of your pet care needs! You won’t be disappointed, and you and your pets will have made a life-long friend!

— Patrice B.

Pam is truly the most genuine and knowledgable caregiver we have ever had. We have owned pets for our 25 years of marriage. Unfortunately, we did not find Pam until 5 years ago. If you want someone who cares about your pets and your happiness as much as you do, there is nobody better. We love Pam!

— John C.

My cat and I are extremely lucky to know Pam Bilderback. During the two years my husband and I have lived in Lakeway, Pam is the only cat caregiver I have used. It is obvious to me that she understands and loves cats. Pam is caring, conscientious and knowledgeable. She spends quality time with my social little cat and sends me reassuring texts, including photos, when my husband and I are traveling.

It is such a relief to be able to leave home and feel certain that my cat is getting cared for by a loving “cat person.” We have begun planning our trips around Pam’s schedule. I don’t know what we would do without her. Pam is The Best!

— Teresa S.

Pam is a wonderful and compassionate pet sitter. She is very knowledgeable with cats and cat care. She genuinely cares about the cat’s well being and safety. Exceptional customer service and reliability. I highly recommend her.

— Lauren

My best petsitter by far has been Pam Bilderback of Lakeway, Texas. She even takes better care of my pets than I do. For instance, she walks my dog twice a day (compared to my once a day); she kept my old sickly but adored cat alive til I could get back from a trip to hold him as he crossed over the Rainbow Bridge; she even took my Great Pyrenees dog home with her when the dog seemed very upset, lonesome, and roughly at the point of a canine meltdown. She prepares special foods (like scrambled eggs!) for my dog and hand feeds her! You absolutely can’t get a better petsitter than Pam Bilderback at Pam’s Purrfect Pets.

— Martha S.

Pam has been a fantastic pet sitter for our cat. Our cat loves to be around people and hates when we are away for long periods of time, so it’s such a great comfort to know that Pam will come feed and take care of her and stay with her for a little while each afternoon, giving our cat the attention she craves while we are away.

It’s always hard to leave our cat alone — but having a reliable and cat-adoring sitter in our neighborhood, like Pam, is always such a relief while we are away.

— Katie E.

Pam is the best cat sitter we’ve ever had. Taking care of animals is not just a job for her but a true calling. We have two cats, a 9 year old, Java and a 16 year old, Comet. The older cat is not in good shape requiring medication and fluid administration. We were out of town for 7 weeks and were concerned Comet might not make it so Pam was ready to take care of all eventualities.

Since the two boys are our children, my husband installed a camera to be able to watch them while we were gone. So we were able to see them all day long including when Pam was there to care for them. Pam spent a great deal of time taking care of Comet not just administering medical care but encouraging him to eat and taking her own time to go to the store to get foods she hoped might tempt him to eat. And to make sure Java was not neglected she spent time talking to him, brushing and petting him. Both boys love her and she loves them.

Pam was also kind enough to feed the koi in the koi pond and water our inside and outside plants for seven weeks which was quite a feat considering all the time she spent over seven weeks tending to our declining 16 year old cat.

We would highly recommend hiring Pam Bilderback if you are looking for a caring and competent cat sitter for your precious cats.

— Marcia Nieder and Ira Leichtman

There aren’t enough words of praise that I can write about Pam and the service she provides.

I have a very senior Maine Coon mix (Zoey is 17 and a half). Zoey’s kidney function went over the cliff last April. In consultation with the vet (Dr. Eric Terrell here in Lakeway — the best vet ever), we decided to put Zoey on fluids under her skin every other day.

To say it was a battle would be an understatement. Dr. T recommended Pam to me; she came out immediately. To say that I was doing everything wrong would not be much of an overstatement. Pam helped me with everything from how to warm the fluids to the proper amount to give Zoey to proper insertion of the needle and the best kind of needles to buy. She also made a special bed for Zoey, so she would be comfortable and secure.

Long story short: Zoey is alive and kicking, thanks to Pam. She actually accepts being carried into the small bathroom and placed in the special bed without a fuss.

I know that Zoey would not be alive if not for Pam.

— Jeff

Pam has come to our home to care for our two dogs many times when we are out of town. I am always totally confident they will be well taken care of. Once the water at the house went off and I was in the mountains and out of cell range. Pam did what she had to in order for the dogs to have water and did not stop calling until I answered.

Another time my 15 year old Lab had diarrhea and would not eat. She made sure he got the medicine he needed from the Vet, went to the store to buy him peanut butter to put on his food to entice him to eat and bought mosquito rings to put in a pool of stagnate water that could have been the culprit of the diarrhea.

Pam is honest, trustworthy, loves animals and is a vet tech! What a perfect combination for a pet sitter!

— Dianne Dower

I have been using Pam Bilderback’s pet sitting service and grooming service for over one year now and I have never been happier. She has always been available when needed and my husband and I travel every 4 to 6 weeks. Just recently my little yorkie got very ill and we were leaving on a trip in two days. I went to the vet and he sent home all the medications along with IV fluids and Pam administered them for me every day that my dog needed them and when I came home — my pet was feeling so much better and Pam did an excellent job for me. She also went out of her way to buy more chicken that my pet needed for her special diet. I highly recommend her services to anyone that needs excellent care for their beloved pets.

— Teresa Poplin

We have had the sincere pleasure of knowing Pam for two and a half years as a Professional Pet Sitter. During that time she has proven herself to be professional, polite, trustworthy and caring in everything that she does. It is of great comfort to us knowing that, due to her previous veterinary experience, our pets are in safe hands at all times. What surprised me was that she also has a lot of experience with horses and how to care for and ride them. I strongly recommend Pam to anyone looking for the consummate professional pet sitter, plus anyone starting out or wishing to have their horses trained and taken care of. She knows how to handle and ride horses from so much experience.

— Caroline Byrne

It gives us great pleasure to recommend Pam Bilderback for the in-home care for your pets. She is a certified Veterinary Technician and has many years of experience taking care of small animals.

She is very professional and maintains detailed records on every facet of the care you want for your pets. Pam is very exacting and conscientious, and she instills great confidence that your pets will receive the best of care. We had some bad experiences in the past with boarding kennels and we won’t ever entrust our dogs to one again. We have used Pam several times to care for our three dogs (one of whom is a special needs dog) and we won’t use anyone else but Pam to look after them in the future. In addition to her strong technical qualifications, Pam truly loves animals. We unconditionally recommend Pam Bilderback if you want the confidence of knowing your pets are in very good and capable hands while you are away from home.

— Alan Baker and Carin Patterson

My wife and I have used Pam Bilderbeck to care for our cats anytime we go out of town. She not only feeds the cats, and administers medicine (one cat is diabetic and gets tested and injected twice daily, and the same cat and her sister both get subcutaneous fluids administered every other day), but she spends time playing with and petting the animals. We are always comfortable leaving our cats in Pam’s care, and can see that she has developed an affection for each of them.

— Jim and Angela Fleming

Our family has known Pam Bilderback for a year now and she has taken care of our dog and our home on many occasions. Pam has such a wonderful way with animals. Rudy loves it when she comes to visit! We never have to worry about our dog or our home while we are away. I highly recommend Pam for pet and house care because she is very dependable and very capable. She spends much time with our dog, taking him for walks and playing with him. Her love of animals is evident and we are grateful for her wonderful care when we are away.

— Brenda Cassady

I have known Pam for approximately 6 years. She first took care of my beloved elderly cat, Alvin. He had kidney disease and had to have sub-cutaneous fluids every week. Taking him to the vet was very stressful for both of us. Pam suggested her coming to my home to administer these fluids — what a blessing that was! Alvin felt her love and attention and this valuable service was a true blessing, and made Alvin’s final days comfortable. It helped me tremendously to know that Alvin was given the best care possible and eased my pain in losing him at 17 years of age.

After his death, I was relunctant to get a new cat. But after much soul searching, I knew
I needed another companion in my life. I adopted a male cat (2 years old), whom I named
Max. I knew I would have Pam’s help in caring for him, which helped me in my decision.
Pam has been an excellent pet sitter and a loyal and dependable friend.

— Wanda Messinger

For quality and loving petcare service, I’d absolutely recommend Pam!

Pam has been our pet sitter for the past two years and we’ve used her for over 10 trips now. She is extremely reliable and wonderful with animals. She will treat your pets like they were her own. From our first 30 minute introductory meeting, I knew Pam was someone whom I could trust and leave my pet’s care in her hands.

I feel assured knowing that she is an experienced vet tech. We worked together to figure out the best care for my elderly cats (night visits, new toys). During trips she responds to my emails checking in and I always come home to notes concerning my pets behaviors and well being during her visits.

I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful person to look after our “furry kiddos” while we’re away. Thanks Pam!

— Mindy Miller

Pam has taken care of my cats for 6 years and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to have them in their care when we travel. She was referred to me when I moved to Austin from a friend who works at the same veterinarian. With her career in the vet field, she has the knowledge and observation skills to deal with any situation. I feel completely safe with Pam taking care of my cats. She is amazingly professional and a fabulous person.

She is a very caring person. She loves animals and from my experience, animals love her! My cats always come out and say hello, circle her legs and nudge her, which tells me they love her being with them. She’ll stay with them and visit, so they get their cuddle time. Pam keeps a diary of the time she has spent with my pets. This always makes me feel good as I will know what to expect in regards to their behavior when i get home.

Pam also administers pet meds when needed while I am gone. She has given one of my cats fluids as he was experiencing depression and loss of appetite, which helped him immensely and got him back on track.

— Wendy Richens-Hill