Click here to learn to give cats fluidsDoes your cat need subcutaneous fluids but
administering them sounds like mission impossible?


Most pets LOVE toys and it helps to form a strong bond with them! For cats, the best toys ever are anything SMALL, dipped and soaked in a jar of catnip! My 2 favorites are small mice, no bigger than your thumb or sparkly balls you would find at a store like Michael’s. Then, anything long, on a string that your kitty can chase all over the place is wonderful. A long rod (3 to 4 feet) with a long string of feathers or any other fun object to pounce on is always a winner! You have to let them “catch” their prey at times so its all worth it!

Feeding Your Cat

Cats are meat eaters. Its so helpful to check the ingredients of the food you are feeding or use a vet recommended food such as Royal Canin. The first ingredient should be whatever protein source you want them to have-such as fish, duck, chicken, lamb, etc. Be careful of foods that include any corn products, which is amazing that it is even put into a cat food since cats don’t eat corn. Any ingredients with “meal” or “byproducts” after an ingredient is not good. Those things are beaks, skin, feet, skulls, intestines, feathers, dead animals, etc. Cats need high protein too — 30% or more is good! In the wild, cats best source of protein is a meat or fish, and organs are the best.

Litter Boxes for Multiple Cats

Always provide at least one cat litter box per cat.

Cat-Calming Music

When leaving your cat alone for long periods of time, my best suggestion is “cat-calming music” on youtube. Its very calming and I believe makes a big difference in the house where a cat is used to having their people around! I find it helps my 8 cats be calm and I usually can find them sleeping!

Intestinal Diet Food

Some dogs can get stressed out when you leave them at a boarding clinic or get stressed just because you may
have been gone for a while — and have diarrhea. Having a can of I/D or intestinal diet from your vet can
always help in those situations.

Nail Trimming

Start doing nail trims on your cat or dog when they are young so they will get used to it . We all know that some animals are more traumatized by nail trims than others. These breeds or types of cats and dogs really need to start young and have it done often when they are small.