Click here to learn to give cats fluidsDoes your cat need subcutaneous fluids but
administering them sounds like mission impossible?

ID Tags

Keep collars with ID tags on your dogs at all times, even for those that never run off, just in case something
out of the ordinary happens.

Use a Carrier

Never carry your cat in your arms to a vet or where they are exposed to an unfamiliar part of town. Always use a carrier. The chances of them being frightened are so big that I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people lose their cats because the walk to the clinic was just a short way.

Listerine for Itchy Pets

Have an itchy pet? If your pet is perpetually itchy, especially when they come in from the wet grass or dew, just dip their feet in Listerine mouthwash. It kills some fungus or bugs that irritate skin and cause a lot of itching. It’s good for any old itchy spot too. If it doesn’t stop it, always refer to your veterinarian.

Emergency Numbers

Always leave all the phone numbers of everyone that knows you and your pet well, especially your vet, in case of problems or emergencies. Be sure and list the emergency clinic you would prefer someone to take your pet to should the unimaginable happen.

Pet Separation Anxiety and Eating

When leaving your pet for a while, whether at your house or a boarding facility, remember that they can go through some separation anxiety and stop eating like they normally do when you’re home. Always be prepared with a special topping or additive to encourage eating, whether it’s a warm no-salt chicken broth or a special canned food they don’t always get, or plain chicken or tuna. Pet sitters and anyone taking care of your animals should be concerned when a certain period of time has passed and your baby is not eating.