Click here to learn to give cats fluidsDoes your cat need subcutaneous fluids but
administering them sounds like mission impossible?

CBD for Cats

One of the greatest new products we have for not only our precious pets, but for us too is CBD. It does wonders for all animals, especially our seniors! I’ve seen it help with arthritis, poor appetite, kidney disease, liver disease, skin problems. The list goes on and on! You can find CBD in many places such as high quality feed stores like Tomlinson’s, Apothecary, and many other shops now starting to open. To find out more about CBD, I always recommend looking at You Tube under “The Endocannabinoid System.” Wonderful facts are there from doctors, professors, and people that study it exclusively.


Don’t be afraid to question the medications that your vet recommends for your pet. I am particularly fussy about what I give my cats! I don’t mind SMALL pills that are easy to pop down a throat, injectables, liquids that TASTE good (I taste these myself to make sure they are ok for my cat to taste!

Whenever I give small pills or are doing a nail trim, I like to “straddle” them so that I block the rear with my feet and do what I need to do with my hands in the front. Pilling can be easy by grabbing the corners of the mouth with one hand, pulling down the bottom jaw with the other hand and “popping” in the pill. Usually, once cats get used to this, they get easier each time!

Litter Mats

Cat litter mats are a must to make cleaning your litter box easy!

They need to be mats especially made to “wipe” the litter off the cats paws. One of the best is from Amazon called EZ clean cat mat from iPrimio! There are also good mats from Chew’s.

I also like to inform people that having a “hood” over your cats litter box is only for the people — cats don’t really care about having a hood over their litter box.

Trips to the Vet

Be sure you have sprayed your carrier with Feliway! This helps calm down your cat. Also, bring an extra towel for the ride to and from anywhere in case your pet relieves themselves in their carrier when a visit is over.

Nail Trimming

I strongly advise you teaching your young pet about nail trimming as soon as possible! I trim my cats claws as soon as I get them home and each month after that. It makes it so easier down the road and keeps you from being scratched accidentally. I usually only trim the front since this is where the claws are used the most!

Cat Grooming

My favorite grooming tool for cats is the JW comb. My cats love it, it gets out hair that’s hard to get out and they love their chins being combed! It prevents mats from forming and pet hair all over the house.