Horse Services

“One of my favorite parts of my work is caring for
horses and seeing that they are well taken care of.
I know a lot about their needs and what works for
them in most of the situations that they can get
into. I have been treating large animals for
12 years of my 20+ years of vet tech experience.
I will recognize any signs of sickness they have.”

  • Check Water
  • Clean Stalls
  • Move Horses Around
  • Ensure a Normal Routine
  • IV Shots
    – Banamine (for Colic)
    – Bute (for Pain)


Olympic medalists in equestrian three-day eventing, Karen and David O’Connor, coached Pam, helping her to become a capable horse
handler experienced in horse maintenance and safety. From these top riders, she learned the holistic practices that work best with
modern-day medical approaches that keep horses in the best physical shape for the job ahead of them.

She has used Magnetic Blankets, Acupuncture, Massage, and a lot of other wonderful medications that help them maintain their peak
performances. Pam spent summers in Virginia, winters in Florida, and showed horses all over the United States. She has been horse
shopping in England and Ireland, shipped them to the United States and sold them.